Kyrie Gagged And Spanked

I love the way Pain Toy model Kyrie is looking back over her shoulder with the “If I weren’t gagged, I’d be all hey, that hurts!” look on her face:

gagged girl being spanked at

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  1. Maria Ping commented on June 25th, 2009:

    As sexy as any picture of a nude woman being spanked over a wooden bench is, this one is really cute. When the page opened from a previous link and I saw the image I actually said “awww” out loud. The sample gallery is of coarse way more intense, but this image is adorable. Sexy sexy sexy don’t get me wrong. But soo cute.

  2. Gagged And Spanked – Bondage Blog commented on November 30th, 2010:

    […] Kyrie from Pain Toy, and following the links at the Spanking Blog post I found another view of her […]

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