Books Are For Teacher Spanking

It starts as these things always do. A rough class, a teacher who can’t quite maintain control. She tries to bend one of the girls over her desk for a spanking:

schoolgirl bottom bent over teacher\'s desk

But the other girls, rough creatures they, come up behind her. Before she knows it, she’s like this:

teacher in bondage

And then she’s like this, and it’s looking like it’s gonna be a long hard day:

pissed off teacher in bondage

And that’s when her darling students show her they know what textbooks are really for:

spanking the teacher with her own books

Via Wired Pussy.

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  1. Dave commented on June 30th, 2010:

    Now you see, duct tape can certainly come quite in handy apparently, in various bondage situations, though I think that is gaffer’s tape we see in this pictorial. Now you see, the difference between duct tape and gaffer’s tape is a curious one to me, as they both seem quite the same, yet pecululiarly different in ways unknown…….

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