Cutest Drop-Seat PJs Ever

There’s a reason that most bloggers have adopted an “easier to get forgiveness than it is to get permission” sharing-and-remixing culture. And the reason is, we’re enthusiasts. We see something really cool, the true and original source is unknown and undiscoverable, and so we balance the communal pleasures of sharing against the usually-slight risk that republishing something (that’s already all over the internet) will offend someone. Weighed on this balance, sharing often wins.

Today, the example is this pretty woman in these oh-so-cute snap-flap drop-seat Playboy bunny-logo pajamas:


cute girl posing in dropseat pajamas

drop seat undies with the spanking flap down

I found her via a random Tumblr and then searched out more photos in the series here.

Copyright grumps may snarl in the comments if they like. I say, it cried out for sharing.

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  1. calliope commented on April 20th, 2010:

    That is SO CUTE!!!

  2. Djari commented on November 27th, 2011:

    I don’t know whether to spank her bottom or kiss it :)

  3. anna commented on February 17th, 2012:

    Tsk, tsk, tsk! She needs a little bit of punishment. Then she should have to sit her bare, slightly sore fanny on a cool, soft pillow for a pretty long time.

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