Domina With Big Boobs

I post more female/female spankings here on Spanking Blog than I would genuinely prefer to do. In my view, it’s an oversaturated spanking porn niche, probably because it’s a bit safer/tamer than doing M/f stuff. But still I post a lot, because there is a lot, and I keep seeing images that catch my fancy. Such as this one from Hustler’s Taboo, featuring a domina with really impressive “tracts of land”:

lesbian spanking from a woman with huge boobs

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  1. Art commented on March 1st, 2010:

    looking at the triceps, shoulders and legs on the spankee, it seems she could turn the tables on Red anytime she wanted to…

  2. Poi commented on March 5th, 2010:

    That is the fabulous Mz Berlin:

    She really has got amazing ‘tracts of land’ as you so nicely put it ;) And she is at home on either side of the paddle too.


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