A Slap In The Face

Here’s Bend Over Jessica on face slapping:

I really enjoy it when a dom slaps me across the face.

It’s a difficult thing to admit. For one, lots of people don’t approve of it, particularly in the CP scene as opposed to the BDSM scene. For them it is too derogatory and humiliating. Secondly, if you don’t do it right, you can hurt someone, catch their eye, bruise their cheek. Thirdly, I do vaguely consider myself to be a feminist and nothing screams ‘brute!’ more than a dom giving you a jolly good slap.

Which is probably why it’s so hideously erotic and insinuates itself evilly into my mind like a crack-addict in a hospital pharmacy.

There’s something about a dom, male or female, when I step over the line, showing me, quite clearly, that they are in charge and if I don’t behave myself straight away, there’s going to be a lot of pain in my near future. Nothing shows this quite so clearly as the unexpected slap on the cheek, which can be quite gentle, moving through sharp to the rocks-your-head-back type. There’s something about the shame, the burn of your skin as you feel your cheek prickle as the blood rushes to the fingerprints on your pale flesh.

Face slapping has no part of my play with Bethie, because she really wouldn’t like it and I’m not particularly inclined. Sometimes I mock-slap at her in a “Woman, I’m going to smite you!” sort of jocular way, but when I do, my hand moves at about the speed of a slow raindrop down a window, giving her plenty of time to prepare her “wounded pout” expression and duck out of the way.

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