Public Spanking Protest

I am deeply indebted to Chross for word (and an accumulated gallery of documentary evidence) that a women’s organization called FEMENS held a “protest action in front of Ukraine’s Education Ministry in Kiev to denounce sexual harassment of students by some university professors in the country.”

otk spankings to protest sexual harassment

Reuters coyly failed to mention that the “performance” included a host of over the knee (OTK) spankings!

cute otk protest spanking

public otk spanking

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  1. s.k. commented on November 17th, 2009:

    they have slogans in Russian saying “in your mouth for the exam mark” and the guys have sigbatures on the backs of their chairs, they’re “rector”, “dean” and “professor”.

    And to tell you the truth I like those feminists much, much more than Andrea Dworkin!

    God bless Ukranian Feminists

  2. Jose Cheung commented on November 18th, 2009:

    Man, those college kids know how to do protest right! Kudos to the gal who wore her panties that have kissy lips printed on each cheek.

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