Everything Butt: With Spanking!

For as long as I’ve been linking to and sharing spanking porn from the various Kink.com sites, I’ve regretted that they never produced a “pure spanking” site that would squarely serve spanking fetishists. Their new site, EverythingButt.com, doesn’t break that pattern, but it’s nonetheless a delight to anyone whose spanking fetish is, like mine, a subset of a broader enjoyment of female bottoms and the myriad ways they can be used, abused, and played with.

The site’s stated mission is to celebrate “ass play in all its forms” and boy howdy, does it ever deliver! Butt plugs, enemas, fisting, and good old-fashioned anal sex are all prominently featured, but the site also delivers quite a bit of spanking action:

spanking at everythingbutt.com

everythingbutt.com spanking

spankings at everythingbutt.com

everythingbutt.com spankings

spanking before the enema

These photos are from the paid section of this shoot.

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A "Punished Delinquents In Tears" Movie:

Detention House 3: Spanked Inmates Made Very Sorry

blubbering blonde with a beaten ass
"...a heavy round wooden paddle with a hole in the middle that leaves fearsome red bruises. And then the shaking girls with beaten butts and tearful faces receive another terrible punishment..."