She Slapped The Sheriff

Via Spank Statement comes this spanking excerpt from an old western novel, Vengeance Valley by Roy Manning:

Breathing hard, for the jerking, fighting girl had lithe strength of a young wildcat, he plumped into the nearest chair and turned her twisting body face downward across his knees. Right hand firmly pressed upon her squirming shoulders, he yanked up her short riding-skirt with his left hand. With a resounding slap, his open palm descended, again and again.

Slowly the outraged Rita ceased to kick and squirm. Her angry gasping was succeeded by deepening sobs which she tried in vain to subdue. Still the remorseless hand of the tight-lipped marshal rose and fell. At last he stopped, picked up her shaking form, and set it in a deep armchair as thought it were a sack of oats.

Face tear-streaked, shoulders quivering, hair tumbled in confusion, she sagged against the chair-back, sobbing silently. But her brimming eyes met his, as he stood and silently eyed her crumpled figure, with undiminished defiance.

“Someone had to spank the daylights out of you,” he said apologetically. Then his voice hardened: “You leave the house and I’ll give you another dose – of the same!”

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A "Punished Delinquents In Tears" Movie:

Detention House 3: Spanked Inmates Made Very Sorry

blubbering blonde with a beaten ass
"...a heavy round wooden paddle with a hole in the middle that leaves fearsome red bruises. And then the shaking girls with beaten butts and tearful faces receive another terrible punishment..."