Cheerleader Spanking Movie Via Skin Video

Long time readers of Spanking Blog may remember that I used to recommend an inexpensive subscription site called GUBA, which was short for Gigantic Usenet Binary Archives. At one time, it was a great place to get easy access to zillions of spanking movie clips. I sort of withdrew that recommendation when we all entered the YouTube era, because GUBA dropped its UseNet feeds and became what we now call a tube site, rebranding itself as Skin Video and beginning to feature a much more limited library of (vastly higher quality) licensed video clips and movie segments. In the process — at least, early in the process — Skin Video found itself without much spanking content, and so there wasn’t much point in recommending it to Spanking Blog readers any more.

However, in recent surfing around the site, it strikes me that their video library is now so large that the site might once again be of interest to spanking aficionados. It’s still a pay site, but it’s still inexpensive, and I’m seeing quite a bit of spanking content there. And, unlike most of the free tube sites, the videos are downloadable for members, in formats suitable for your mobile devices such as iPod or PSP. So, it’s worth a look, especially if you have other porn interests as well.

The thumbs below are from the promo page for a segment from Cheerleaders Spanked. I like the blunt approach to symbolism typified by the big red apple on the teacher’s desk:

cheerleader spankings

2016 update: My, how the mighty have fallen. Skin Video is long dead and the domain is for sale, so I pulled those links. Luckily for us, however, the movie can still be found on HotMovies pay-per-view.

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