Spanked At The Cheap Clinic

There’s such a thing as being too economical in pursuit of necessary medical services. Not that poor Maria had much choice — when you need a prescription ointment, you need it.

She wasn’t expecting to find herself naked on the exam table with a rectal thermometer up her butt:

maria gets unexpected rectal exam

And she really wasn’t expecting the spanking she got next:

maria gets a medical spanking

Where did this dude go to medical school, anyway?

Pictures are from this gallery at Spanking And Shame.

  1. amy commented on November 11th, 2008:

    I just stumbled across your blog while surfing at work, for shame! You look like you have quite a journal going on here so I was curious. Where in the world do you find genuine hardcore spanking movies? I’ve been all over RGE and there is just too much soft stuff before the real spanking gets going. Too many them are a few swats, a little rubbing, a few swats, ya know. I downloaded about 50 clips today and only 5 have have constant smacking. Ok, I’ll quit ranting. Poor old me lives with a vanilla and it’s just a drag. Thanks for having an open journal!

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