Enthusiastic Police Punishment

Here, from Spanking Server, we have a scene from the police punishment room — doubtless taking place in some obscure Eastern European jurisdiction where the cops pretty much do as they please. Certainly this fellow seems to be setting about his work with a grand enthusiasm:

pretty blonde ruthlessly caned by the police

But then again, wouldn’t you?

  1. walter commented on November 7th, 2008:

    good prison caning scene.

  2. Duffy commented on November 7th, 2008:

    Looks like great work if you can find it.

    I’m really impressed with the furniture. No doubt, it would not even make sense to try to import a spanking bench like this from Eastern Europe but it looks like something that a halfway handy guy could make from local lumber, some padding for the top and a little hardware to mount restraining cuffs. Wish I had one and may try making one!

  3. RC commented on December 6th, 2008:

    Considering the song our blonde fraulein will be singing loudly in the upper range of her register, I am thinking the acoustics of the room would be better if the walls were not so bare. Could use a tapestry or something. Carpeting too.

    Other than that, no complaints. At least not from me. :)

  4. Pam commented on October 31st, 2011:

    Nice picture! Always wondered what it would be like over the horse restrained like that..spanked! I would give in and talk !

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