Charley’s Dinner Party

So the folks at Public Disgrace threw a dinner party for Charley Chase.

It turns out, she was what they had for dinner, if you know what I mean, and I think you do:

BDSM dinner party for Charley Chase

Before it was over, she was the well-spanked centerpiece:

spanking charley chase on the table among the remains of the dinner

Sadly, I don’t think she got to eat much dinner. Sure, she wound up with her face in the dinner more than once, but it was like feeding peas to a two-year old: a little bit in her and a whole lot on her.

messy fun with charley chase getting her face pressed into the leftover food

There are more pictures here.

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  1. Jen commented on October 31st, 2008:

    This is ridiculously hot. Can’t wait to show M. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Freddie commented on December 1st, 2008:

    I really enjoy her facial expression in that second photo.

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