Patrick Dempsey Spanks His Wife

So reports The Sun (popup warning). Apparently spanking is a part of Patrick Dempsey’s definition of romance — a notion which we here at Spanking Blog would never dream of disputing:

PATRICK DEMPSEY says spanking spices up his sex life.

The Enchanted heartthrob, who has three children with wife JILLIAN FINK, keeps romance alive by experimenting in the bedroom.

He said: “Romance is an atmosphere, a feeling, a mood, a place, it’s in the air. It is the little things – even a spanking every now and then!

Thanks to Jezebel for the link.

  1. Puella commented on September 25th, 2008:

    OMG. That’s about all I’m capable of writing right now.

  2. Kames Millar commented on September 25th, 2008:

    How do we know HE spanks HER?

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