Whipped By The Road

Another fun story from Informed Consent:

I am getting whipped with Sir’s new bullwhips, while tied to a tree on his estate in Hungary. I suddenly realise that the thing I thought was a dirt track behind the orchard is a road all the local villagers drive/cycle down to get into Szeged, the closest city.

He proceeded to whip me as more and more people and cars went past and I got more and more whiny … untile he informed me that as I was tied to a very hefty tree facing the road and there was a dense orchard in the way, they could not see my nudity, and even if they could, it was his land and he could therefore do whatever he wanted on it.

And could I kindly shut up, as he wanted to focus on his technique.

And thus he proceeded, and then fucked me silly. I am convinced that even if they didn’t see me they must have heard me.

  1. Sekhmet commented on January 30th, 2009:

    Nice scene. I like it.

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