Caning Camryn Kiss

Bethie does not really approve of this sort of thing, but I’ve always considered the tender “inner thigh” strike zone of the cane in this picture to be a perfectly acceptable target for light canes, riding crops, or similar sting implements of all sorts:

Camrynn Kiss gets a cane to the inner thighs

It’s especially fun if you appreciate good yelping.

From this shoot at Sex and Submission.

  1. Mia commented on July 2nd, 2008:

    Oooo…… inner thigh is dangerous and delicious feeling. I hate when the martinet gets near my pussy, but I love the thought that it might get me just a little. And the redness there is perfect for kissing after my husband gives me a beating. Riding crops are surprisingly more painful to me there than our martinet.

  2. Bethie commented on July 2nd, 2008:

    You’re right, I do not approve of that sort of thing! But I’m torn because I do approve of the bondage. That looks like fun! ;-)

  3. Spanky commented on July 4th, 2008:

    I agree with you Mia, although on the few occasions my g/f has spanked me there she has done so with a riding crop and if I flinch or move then she has caught my p***s and boy does that sting.

  4. Mary commented on July 6th, 2008:

    Almost nothing gets my endorphins up higher (and better) than inner-thigh spanking. If I need help going over that edge, it’s like a magic button.

  5. Mia commented on July 7th, 2008:

    Spanky, I HAVE to be tied down pretty well to get a flogging on my inner thighs or I move too much. My husband is heavy handed with the riding crop but flicks the flogger just enough to bring on the welts. He got my clit once while flogging up and down my thighs. I’ve no idea how it happened that it hurt so badly, managed to hit it just right. It was the only time I ever stopped a scene. lol. He felt so bad–came home to a cooked meal and a cocktail every day for the next few days.

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