Spanking A Defiant Girl

It’s always fun when they are defiant:

Chris seemed to have decided that it was a good idea to accuse both Mike and I of being as she said “Man-Sluts.” All that got from me was a sarcastic “Careful, keep talking to me like that and I’ll just have to put you right over my knee.” Well I’ll be damned if I didn’t see a bit of a wink as she said “Bring it on, I don’t think you really have the guts.”

What’s that you say? A challenge? Well, too late to back down now! Before Chris knew it I had wrestled her out of her chair and right over my lap, and she could do nothing but squirm as I held her down and delivered at least 14 decently hard swats over her tight jeans.

She has a decent sized ass, well proportioned rather than just big, and perfect for a good spanking. Pretty sensitive too, judging by the yelps I got toward the last few smacks. I half expected her to get up and slap me after that, but she just laid there over my lap, and soon turned her head toward me with a bit of a smirk on her face. Then a sly “Is that the best you can do?” came out of her lips. I looked over at Mike, and he just nodded. Another challenge? Time to raise the stakes.

I just looked at her with that devious look in my eyes, getting an equally curious look back. I slowly slid my hands up her sides, and before she could react, grabbed her nipples and pinched them. Hard.

She yelped, and tried to move, but by that time Mike had already moved around and placed a restraining hand on her back. I could see a couple tears start to form in her eyes, so I let go and brought my arms around her back to hold her down over my lap. By this time I had made enough distraction that she didn’t notice Mike remove his belt, nor me take the handy handcuffs from my backpack (what can I say, those things are handy, never know when you might need them.) Mike quickly lashed down right across her sexy ass with his belt, getting a scream out of her and causing her hands to fly to her backside, at which point I simply handcuffed her.

Before she knew it I had her around the waist, and Mike took her legs, and we bent her far over the arm of her couch. I held her tight there, leaned down, and whispered “You still think we don’t have the guts?” I was quite intrigued when she whispered a slightly sobbed “Prove it” right back to me. I turned to Mike and simply nodded.


Mike’s belt lashed across the middle of her jeans-clad ass, getting a quickly stifled yelp out of her pretty lips.


Mike went for the middle of her thighs this time, causing her to kick her legs slightly, and she once again stifled a yelp.


Mike hit right in the middle between her ass and thighs, forcing a short scream out of her lips and making her try to double over even more, except there was a couch arm in her way.


Just above the middle of her ass. I could see her eyes getting slightly redder.


Just below the middle of her ass. I could see a couple tears start to form, and a good yelp came out. She was having trouble holding it back now.


Tops of her thighs. Another good yelp, and her eyes were getting rather watery now.


Bottoms of her thighs, just above the backs of her knees. This one got a good scream, and the tears weren’t getting held back anymore. Mike wound up and got ready for a power hit. This one was going to be good.


Oh yeah, that was a good one. one of his hardest, right in the fleshiest parts of her ass. She screamed pretty loud that time, and just kept right on sobbing. The tears were flowing good now, and had she not been cuffed and held down she’d be rubbing her ass very well. I leaned over her, whispering in her ear in my powerful voice “So, are you sorry now for trying to call us gutless man-sluts?”

Well, damned if that stubborn girl didn’t give me a totally defiant look and say to me between sobs “It’s going to take way more than that to get an apology out of me, man-slut.”

From Chris and the Rec Room by Kryptik Kruiser.

  1. ~melly commented on March 10th, 2008:

    you know, i think this is one of the greatest examples of a scene “negotiated as-it-goes-along” that i’ve seen in a while. nothing sorted or written out in detail before hand, but it goes along just fine anyhow.

    i really like this. thank you for the link!

    a slave in His house

  2. Friday Bondage Links Cornucopia #24 – Bondage Blog commented on April 8th, 2011:

    […] a nice use of handcuffs in this old 2001 spanking story from UseNet. “She didn’t notice me take the handcuffs […]

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