Spanking Love Letters To Ian Fleming

From a love letter sent to Ian Fleming by one Ann Charteris, in 1947, after a short visit:

It was so short and so full of happiness, and I am afraid I loved cooking for you and sleeping beside you and being whipped by you… I don’t think I have ever loved like this before.”

I long for you to whip me because I love being hurt by you and kissed afterwards. It’s very lonely not to be beaten and shouted at every five minutes.

Spank Statement has all the details.

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  1. Dave commented on February 19th, 2008:

    I had absolutely no idea Mr. Fleming was such a total spanking/S&M enthusiast, before reading about this on shadowlane, the spank statement, among other places……that letter is amazing.

    Shaken, not stirred,

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