Domestic Discipline, Postcard Style

This vintage gem featuring the apparent domestic discipline of a big-bootied wife is a classic in the comic spanking postcard genre:

wife spanking postcard

From Spanking Postcard.

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  1. Dave commented on August 31st, 2007:

    That is a gem. Thanks for sharing that one–never seen it before anywhere. Perhaps you could do a future post on this vintage spanking postcard genre?


  2. sam commented on September 4th, 2007:

    PS – if you want to post it, (you took the link off of your email, so I can’t email you through that) – I have what I consider the perfect picture of disobeying the boss. Its my boyfriend and I laying down on a bed – and the paddle is in his hand, but the string is wrapped around my wrist – preventing him from really using it. I know you post random pics sometimes, and as I read a lot of your stuff, it would be nice to give back.

    You don’t need a facebook account to use it.

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