How To Fish With A Woman

Kaya’s master has figured out how to make boring old fishing fun for both of them:

Master’s Fishing Game

Lose a lure/river rig = ten switches

Lose a sinker/hook = five switches

Caught in a tree = fifteen switches

caught in a tree that results in a lost lure = twenty-five

Master catches a fish = five switches

I catch a fish = subtract five switches

Non-accumulating. Meaning each fishing trip starts with a clean slate, which also means that if He slacks off on delivering those switches, He loses the chance to do so. (I’m completely ignoring the fact that He never *loses* the chance. He’ll switch me anyway “because I want to, cunt”, nevermind about fishing totals. And yes, I will scream “Unfair!” and He’ll ask me where the ferris wheel is, and I’ll grump and pout, until it’s over and my butt is all red and stripey and stingy and I’m a happy little masochist. *beams*)

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