Fifty Reasons To Spank

Bonnie’s posted a huge list of fifty reasons why the reluctant gentleman might want to reconsider his reluctance when it comes to giving his lady the spankings she craves. The first fifteen give you the flavor:

  1. The lovemaking afterward is often sensational
  2. Romantic spanking opens lines of communications
  3. There’s a community of spankos to provide support and advice
  4. Adult spanking is the most common of all kinks
  5. It can strengthen your relationship
  6. Just picture those beautiful globes over your lap…
  7. She’s eager for this, really!
  8. Compared to childbirth, the pain of a spanking is trivial
  9. This is not punishment, think instead about spanking as foreplay
  10. Spanking builds trust between partners
  11. It’s really OK to hit a woman, but only if she enjoys it
  12. This isn’t weird or unusual, it’s just another kind of sex
  13. You can be the strong, decisive man of her fantasies
  14. What’s not to like?
  15. Do the initials B. J. hold any significance?
  1. Jim DeSade commented on April 10th, 2007:

    i’ll have to print these out and leave it laying around so my gf can find it…

  2. Bonnie commented on April 12th, 2007:

    Thank you, SpankBoss!

    This post came about after several readers asked for help in convincing a hesitant partner to spank them. It began as a top twenty list, but that simply wouldn’t cover all of the good reasons to spank!

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