Spanking The Turkey

Ah, the joys of life as a phone sex operator during the Thanksgiving holidays:

Setting: Thanksgiving Day, 2001, dressed head to toe in sweats with big fuzzy wool socks, with my arm up the behind of a turkey stuffing it. (nice mental isn’t it, hehehe)

Call: One male, Dominant who wants a submissive slave girl.

So the phone rings, here I am stuffing the turkey for dinner, yet I answer the phone. I hear this voice tell me in a demanding voice, I want a slave girl, well heck I’m game. So, off I go to run his charge, when it goes through, schlepping back to the kitchen he asks me, “Where are you?” “Oh, master I purr, I’m on my bed waiting further instruction.”

Reality check, I’m back in the kitchen stuffing the turkey

He tells me, how naughty I’ve been and that I need a spanking, so ok I’m game for this. He asks “do you have a wooden spoon?” “Yes Sir” I reply, reaching over to grab a wooden spoon from the thingy majiggy that holds all my kitchen utensils. Then I hear, “slave I want to hear you spank your rear end NOW”, “Ok, I reply” all he hears is a resounding TWHAP, “again slave” THWAP. A couple more loud thwaps and he hangs up, obviously completing his business.

Yes, if you were following along in the beginning of the story, I whacked the holy heck out of my turkey’s breast, tenderizing it like no ones business, and you bet I slid that turkey into the oven, damn fine turkey if I do say so myself!

  1. Ray commented on June 26th, 2011:

    Loves it, guess all dominants are not created equal when it comes to brains huh?

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