Spanking By The Numbers

Arguing with Master can be expensive. So expensive that A Subtle Slavegirl wound up counting everything for a little while:

I wasn’t deliberately trying to goad him into changing his mind. I just thought he was being unreasonable.

375 strokes of Mr. Strap later. I was thinking about my poor botty and how bruised it was going to be. I didn’t even have to wait until the next day because an hour later the bruises were starting to bloom. And here I was thinking that my bum had stopped bruising…lol.

Thwack x 141 then 5 minutes of recovery time. Thwack x 117 and then 5 minutes of relaxation time for him. Thwack x 117 then 5 more minutes of his relaxation time. My thought process had just dissolved into numbers and as I bobbed up and down on his cock more numbers were streaming through my head, “Up, one, down, two, up, three…”

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Bondage Ass Beatings Movie:

Detention House 3: Severely Punished Delinquent Girls

before and after brutal caning photo
"...and then the spanking starts. Brutal, totally uncompromising. You have never heard screams and shrieks as terrible as these..."