Violet Blue Gets The Belt

Much as I always enjoy reading Tiny Nibbles, I sometimes get lost over there trying to follow Violet Blue through her world of fire-breathing machines, fast-paced literary projects, and wild San Francisco parties populated by amazing characters. On Thursday she paused to share with us a more personal update, and (oh yummy!) it seems to have included one heck of a belt spanking:

She hurt me. We were in a suite high above the city; she’s a wealthy power femme who doesn’t live here and we only see each other about twice a year. She flew to see me. The hotel room was breathtaking, and once inside with the door locked, her black designer gown slid off her shoulders revealing nothing underneath, save her high, high heels. She came close and smelled like chocolate; she removed my glasses and kissed me until I felt like she’d broken all my bones and put me back together again. Later, after we’d explored each other with lips and hands and tongues and toys and slaps and bites, she set to work with my (SRL) Carhart belt. She took pictures.

Sadly, Violet hasn’t blogged the pictures. Which in any case wasn’t (as the man in the song says) very likely, and we didn’t expect it. But I can assure you that if she does happen to put up some eight-and-a-half-by-eleven color glossy photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what it was about, you’ll hear about them here ASAP.

  1. Bailey commented on July 23rd, 2006:

    ROFL I’ve always loved Arlo. I know I’m a little young to be obsessing over his music, but my parents raised me right. I got Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Arlo and Woody Guthrie, just to name a few. Just wanted to say I appreciated the references, but I know I”m weird.

  2. otkman commented on July 24th, 2006:

    Was Arlo a spanko? You never know ! I loved your reference.

  3. How To Leave Your Spanking Mark - Spanking Blog commented on December 18th, 2008:

    […] been awhile since we’ve blogged spanking links from Violet Blue; she’s hella busy these days and I […]

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