Recreational Riding Crop Bruises

Bethie left me at a Circuit City on Thursday so she could do some unhurried shopping elsewhere. Turns out the Circuit City had no public restroom, unlike the PetSmart next door. Once in the Pet Smart and essential business completed, I said hello to the parrots and stopped by the horse supplies area to check for interesting new crops. Found one, even; a short number wrapped in a braided synthetic with a narrow-but-very-soft leather slapper loop on the end.

So yesterday I caught her coming out of the shower and gave her a test whacking with the new crop, which seemed to go well. But she weaseled her way out of a more extended test by raising the spectre of a Monday doctor’s appointment at which she doesn’t feel like explaining unusual welts. Fair enough, I’m a patient man, I can wait, I can calculate interest (well, more like vigorish, heh). But I was just reminded of this when I saw the following on the BDSM Technique discussion forum at

I did forget about an upcoming doctor’s appointment once. For a Pap smear, no less.

Riding crop had left deep purple bruises striped all along the inner part of both thighs.

My doc went through the entire exam without a hitch, and then, rising and removing her gloves, glanced at me, one eyebrow raised, and said “I assume those are recreational? You understand, I do have to ask…”

It’s hard to shock a doctor these days.

  1. Donna commented on March 12th, 2006:

    I haven’t shocked a doctor yet but medical technicians aren’t quite so forgiving. I had a mammogram last year and had some marks on my breasts from a nice crop session. They were in the process of going away so I didn’t figure it would be a biggie. WRONG! The xray tech grilled me for some time. I got the distinct feeling she wanted to turn my significant other in for abuse. In the state where I reside, medical staff can do that even if the patient is fine with it all. There were a few tense moments but she finally backed down. It’s mammogram time again and all playtime is *off* until I get this thing done!

  2. Sarah commented on March 13th, 2006:

    Oh, I would have been *SO* embarrassed…

  3. paddlepatty commented on March 14th, 2006:

    i would have said “not only recreational but quite enjoyable”

  4. J commented on March 17th, 2006:

    Given the frequency of kink these days, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a discreet checkbox on some more-progressive doctors’ patient info sheets that says something to the effect of “Are you a consenting participant in sexual activities that leave physical marks?”, followed by a warning: “Please be aware that your doctor / nurse practicioner / physician’s assistant will ask about these marks if s/he observes them, and may consider you to be a victim of abuse if you do not check this box.” Of course, then you get people with truly-abusive spouses checking the box because they love their abusers… *sigh* Maybe we just need to have doctors announce if they’re kink-friendly.

  5. SpankedMinx commented on March 18th, 2006:

    Always a fear seeing as you never know when you might get poorly.Somehow I can’t imagine my doctor breaching the subject ever! The UK with a kink check box would be the funniest thing ever! Hugggggggggggggs

    SpankedMInx x x x x

  6. Evan commented on April 21st, 2006:

    I once had a doctor’s appointment after my lady had turned the tables and spanked me. She does it rarely, but thoroughly. And for total humiliation also shaves the below the waist area-front and back, shaven pubes and black and blue lines along the lower edge of my buttocks. I did consider recheduling, and as I sat in the waiting room I thought over and over whether it would be worse if the doctor did the exam or handed it over to the nurse practitioner (female) he works with. In the end I assumed that she would be more open minded since she is much younger. But, in the end, I never had to display anything below my chest… but I can imagine how embarassing

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