Comic Book Spanking: The Phantom

Here’s a comic book spanking administered (along with a good dose of lecture) by the 1930s comic book character The Phantom:

spanked by the phantom

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  1. Mary commented on January 27th, 2006:

    My… What big hands you have!

  2. Redskinluver commented on January 28th, 2006:

    The Phantom comic strip featured a number of spankings.One of the best was one where he spanked a pair of twin brats.the last frame showed one of them standing up,riding in a car,saying saying “anyplace,quickly,where we don’t have to sit down”. And once a female criminal got spanked in a skimpy(for the 40s) bathing costume.
    Also,there is spanking in Batman comics,and I have seen spanking art sites where Wonder Woman is getting it,sometimes bare,sometimes over her sexy costume.

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