Go Get The Whip

So, a while back Freya wrote:

He pulled a six foot bullwhip out of a package that arrived in the mail yesterday.

He turns and gives me an evil look and I’m incredulous. “Oh! No fucking way.”

Stalking to me, he circles. “Oh? You don’t get to say no.”

Eyebrows go up. “If you think I’m going to let you use a fucking bullwhip on me you’re out of your mind!”

He teases me for a few hours until he finally tells me he just wanted to fuck with me for a while and he had plans to tie me up with it.

“OH! Well, that’s okay then.” Mmmm, the thought of the leather binding my wrists is quite appealing.

In her comments, I said:

Heh, he’s a devious one. First he’ll get you all in love with the smell and the feel of the braided leather, and get you programmed with erotic associations. Before you know it, you’ll be *asking* him to use it on you “just once, to find out what it feels like.”

Turns out I was too cautious. Eight days later:

The bullwhip came out last night.

I’m on my knees. He’s on the couch, laying on his back and I’m bent over him, his cock sliding in and out of my mouth. His hand is in my hair, guiding my movements. He’s teasing me, fingers in my pussy and then up for a slap of my ass.

He pulls my head back after I’ve slid deep into submission. “Get the whip.”

Not that deep. “Nuh uh.” I shake my head.

He raises an eyebrow at me but says nothing else. That fucking eyebrow!

Okay, so I’m easy. I go and get it and bring it to him and he folds it while I get back to work on his cock and he whips my ass and thighs with it for a bit until I’m moaning and my skin is on fire….

  1. Freya commented on January 23rd, 2006:

    it’s that damned eyebrow! I tell you I’m powerless over its appeal.

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