Bethie’s Defective Light Sabre

Sometimes Bethie is so funny I can’t stop laughing. Ever since Christmas, I’ve been giggling (and I’m a large man, so it’s creepy when I giggle, but I just can’t help myself) about her reaction to the nice aluminum-handled lexan cane Santa Claus left in her stocking.

I swear, it had to be Santa Claus. How do I know? Because Bethie and I take turns filling each other’s stocking. I went first, so she knows it wasn’t me; the handle of the cane would have been sticking out when I was done. Still, in the morning, there it was. I figure that Santa’s updating the “switches for bad girls” idea with modern space age materials, and the cane (mixed in with all the chocolate Bethie got) is a reminder that she was just a little bit naughty last year.

So anyway, her reaction:

The only flaw was some weird thing I found in my stocking. It looks like a miniature light saber. It has a pretty silver handle with a long, round clear rod coming out of it. I looked for a switch to see if it had a light in it, but it doesn’t. I’m not sure why he’d give me a defective light saber, but since everything else is so great, I decided to ignore it and just settled for swishing it around making a “chooom-chooom” sound for effect.

Now, mind you well, I’ve demonstrated the proper use of this cane several times now, but give her half a chance and she’s back to waving it around, making chooom-chooom noises, and looking puzzled. Sigh, I guess I’ll just have to keep demonstrating what it’s really for….

  1. Bonnie commented on December 31st, 2005:


    It could be unfortunate if Bethie were to inquire how the saber lights up. I believe in this instance a little force goes a long way.

    Happy New Year to both of you!

  2. Dave (aka B) commented on December 31st, 2005:

    That is a rather nice cane I must say. :-) I’m inclined to agree – further demonstrations _are_ called for. *grin*

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