Monkey Spanking

Normally I’m immune to the charm of all the visual puns and cute jokes surrounding the phrase “spanking the monkey”. But this image (an illustration by Heinrich Kley) is in a class by itself. I can’t decide whether it’s funny or horrifying:

monkey spanking

  1. Sandy commented on August 16th, 2005:

    Hehehe — it’s funny!

  2. Haron commented on August 17th, 2005:


    But, a sick person that I am, I’m immediately reminded that in “Jungle Book” Mowgli got spanked for playing with monkeys. Not with a tail, though.

  3. Haron commented on August 17th, 2005:

    BTW, I now feel compelled to go looking for a picture of a *girl* spanked in that position.

    Not with a tail, either.

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