Fiery Jack Gets Around

Speaking as a man, I’d have to say this is why a fig of fresh ginger is my personal choice of chemical irritants to torment Bethie with:

Firey Jack for those that don’t know is an ancient and masochistic remedy for muscle pulls and back pain etc etc. It’s a muscle warming ointment made from chilli oil. Hot hot hot like you can’t imagine. To be used SPARINGLY. (Or so the darling carinna/polly told us as she handed us a pot as a “present”. Mmmm cheers polly no I haven’t forgotten.)

So Colbeh being ever enthusiastic and not someone to do anything by halves, does the usual buggery/fucking/beating thing, ensuring a suitably red hot caning is present as a tenderiser upon my peach like derrière, and slathers the stuff on to me. Nothing seems to be going on, so he slathers some more on. About 2 minutes later I feel like I have serious and heavy sunburn, my arse is glowing with heat enough to keep the arctic warm.

This is all apparently exciting to a dominant, so he does what excited Doms do naturally. I become aware not only is my arse on fire but my inner tracts (great word huh?) are now burning. At the very same moment, HE becomes aware his most precious and personal sex weapon is aflame and the pair of us flee to the bathroom. Me unsuccessfully showering like a manic creature, and him leaping around the bedroom with a cold flannel wrapped round his (still surprisingly engorged) manhood.

Although I tease about alternative uses for Mongolian Fire Wok Oil, the nice thing about fresh ginger is that it goes where I put it — and (mostly) stays there.

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