The Lexan Paddle Cure

It sounds like Librarygirl has developed something of an eBay problem with recidivism issues. Fortunately, Matt has the lexan cure:

“Oh, you forgot.” He was spanking me with his hand, then stopped. “Maybe you need something to help you remember.”

Crap! The new lexan paddle. That thing is truly evil. Even more vile than the rubber loopy. It stings and burns and the sting increases in direct proportion to how long you use it, but not necessarily how hard. So a “light” paddling turns into intense hell in under a minute. And, unlike the rubber loopy or rubber paddle, the sting doesn’t stop when the spanking does. Oh no – the sting lasts long after the spanking is over…

“I don’t need help… I don’t… I hate this thing… stop!” I was kicking and making quite a fuss.

“Maybe tomorrow night you’ll remember to get to bed on time,” he says, smacking lower so he gets the backs of my thighs.

“I’ll remember, I will…!” Anything – just make it stop!

He did, finally. And it took forever for the sting to go away.

Yet another debt we all owe to the clever folks in General Electric’s Engineering Thermoplastics division.

  1. Ruby commented on July 23rd, 2005:

    I totally empathize with LibraryGirl about the Lexan Paddle. I foolishly thought it would be a fun implement to have. What a mistake! That thing stings like NOTHING else. It feels like the highest peak of the sting from a cane spread out over a whole paddle. Not to mention the ugly little blisters it leaves behind.

    So, being the devious little person I am, the Lexan paddle is now sitting somewhere in the county refuse collection pile, having been tossed into the garbage can a month ago. Funny thing is, the guy that liked it the most hasn’t even spanked me for doing this! Go figure…


  2. Mona commented on July 23rd, 2005:

    Found you through Rupert & Tamzin. Great site. I will have to come back often.


  3. Hardwood commented on December 21st, 2015:

    G.E: We bring good things to life.

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