Turning The Tables On His Birthday Spanking

This is about how it would go around here if Bethie tried to give me a birthday spanking, though I’m not sure she’d get ten swats in first. From this post on Provocative Persiflage:

So last night, I ended up giving him approximately 10 swift swats to his ass, and he ended up grabbing me, pulling my left leg over his, and holding my wrist so I couldn’t a) cover my ass or b) finger my pussy. And then he delivered the remainder of his birthday spankings to me!

I love when he keeps me bound to him with just his strength. At first I play at pulling away. Just to see if he is paying attention. He is. As he holds my wrist(s) tighter and kisses me deeply at first, then lightly so that I am stretching up toward him to lick his lips, I begin pulling in earnest at my captor’s hands.

I feel his cock rubbing against my naked belly as he leans in and whispers in his sexy, growly voice that I am a very bad girl as he begins spanking me, never lightly, but light enough to warm my flesh. I am moaning and rubbing against him as his hand moves from my cheek to my pussy, spanking it sharply before going back to my ass. My legs part involuntarily, and I begin to beg for his fingers inside me.

He ignores my pleas and continues to spank me. His cock gets so hard that it feels like steel.

  1. ~ Storm commented on July 18th, 2005:

    Well, I really DID want to spank him, and I still do. But I also must admit that I love when he turns the tables, and so I know my “negotiation” was premeditated!

    I’m not too proud to adopt a kind of Machiavellian approach if it gets me what I ultimately want.

    Besides, he LOVES to spank me. How can I deny him that pleasure? {grin}

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