Ruler Spanking

This is another one of those foolish-but-cute non-spankings that you often see pretty porn starlet girls indulging in:

taylor twins ruler spanking

In this case, the ladies are known as the Taylor Twins, and wouldn’t you say they look ready for more?

taylor twins bent over for more spanking

Cute indeed, but I wish they’d lose the hooker shoes.

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  1. MR.G commented on July 11th, 2005:

    Agreed. I guess some people love that look but as with porn in general there is an attraction to the pics etc that seem to show and innocence vs some chick who has had more pricks in her than Grams pin cushion! Ditto with this pic. The knee socks are OK but those fuckme pumps are indicating that there is NOTHING that they or those bums haven’t seen approach from that angle before – many times!

  2. Bratscorcher commented on July 14th, 2005:

    I love the hooker shoes!

    But traditional girl-school saddle shoes would be nice too!

  3. Jenda commented on January 1st, 2007:

    They should be spanked silly for those owfull shoes. The rest looks like a perfect school uniform, but for the shoes ;-)

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