Paddling The Grrs Away

Sometimes when I read about the adventures of Library Girl and Matt, I want to get up and sweep my apartment for video bugs. That could be my life! Have they been watching? And Matt — he’s me! Only I would know, I think, if I’d ever spanked a former stewardess, and I haven’t.

There’s nothing like a paddling to chase the Grrrs away. At least that’s Matt’s philosophy.

Mine too. Bethie says “Grrr” a lot, if I let her.

“I don’t need a spanking! I want to be Grr. It’s my right to be Grr! Stop interfering…” None of this helped any. I still got spanked, still got my panties pulled down. And because I was being such a grumpuskitty, I got paddled as well.

Well, of course! Beatings will continue until morale improves. I ought to get that as a tatoo, or something. Maybe a tee-shirt?

“Look at that. My butt is all red now.” I’m holding my skirt up, looking at my reflection in the bathroom mirror.

“Where?” Matt walks into the bathroom, trying to look around me. I’m not letting him get anywhere near my bottom again…

“You don’t need to see it – look in the mirror…”

“I’ll look where I want to look…” *sigh* Dragged off to the bed again, to even out the redness. Apparently, he missed a spot.

Two points here. First, an invitation to inspect the “damage” (ha!) is always to be interpreted as a request for more spankings. She’s inviting sympathy (which she should not get) but if she’s playing with her welts or red marks or pink blush or whatever, she’s not ready to stop playing. More spanking is called for.

Second: uneven redness should always be evened up. Asymmetry is a sign of poor craftsmanship. Fortunately, it’s an easy problem to fix.

After lunch, sitting on the sofa. Most of the grumpiness was gone. But…

“I think you need another spanking…”

“No, I don’t… I know I don’t…”

Another spanking, with his hand. A quick one… lots of spanks, fast, and stingy. And then it is over, Matt is hugging me and going out the door, to go back to work.

And I am feeling better.

It’s amazing how much grumpiness can be cured with a few swift whacks. I dunno why it works, but damn! it sure does.

  1. Karen commented on July 4th, 2005:

    “Beatings will continue until morale improves.” That is an outstanding quote! I had a boss who had that very quote printed in neat lettering and framed then hung it up on his wall. No doubt that makes a great shirt.

  2. Liz commented on July 5th, 2005:

    Try visiting a Ren Faire, they have black shirts with white lettering with that saying there, although it may be “floggings” instead of “beatings.”

  3. babydoll commented on July 5th, 2005:

    When I’m cranky, it always helps when my Husband spanks me! It always settles me down and makes me forget what I’m cranky about. My Husband knows this and loves me enough to spank me regularly. It makes me feel so happy and submissive again.

  4. spankmewithaspoon commented on July 7th, 2005:

    Lack of attention is always at the heart of all of my grumpy frettings. Spankings are the E=MC2 of attention. The most cost efficient cure.

  5. mikki_rosie commented on July 8th, 2005:

    it took a while for my Ashke to realise that when i was pissy/grumpy/pms-y, the LAST thing i needed was for him to coddle me and excuse my bitchiness on account of my “not feeling well”

    i atribut this to me neeeding to have constants. and in those times when everything is out of whack and feeling weird and out of sorts, knowing that there is that constant, that, “if you act awful, you WILL get spanked, regardless of how bad you feel” tends to se tme upright again, keep the balance.

    so, i totally agree. he knows this now, and though sometimes i protest, (sometimes VERY angrily) deep down, i am glad that he keeps me in line. especially when i’m in the grumps.

  6. Jennifer Brooks commented on July 9th, 2005:

    Getting spanked for having the grumpies is one of the best reasons why to spank a naughty brat. My problem is there is usually no one around when I am grumpy to take care of it, LOL!!! Where are all the male spankers when you need them, grrr!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. delila commented on July 13th, 2005:

    Hah, I totally agree. Nothing cures PMS like a good, long spanking. It takes all the other thoughts and feelings out of your mind. My fiancee is very wonderful to me and spanks me whenever I am grumpy or depressed.

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