Loving The Whip

I like the evil mind (minds?) behind this plan to eroticize the dreaded dressage whip in swan’s mind:

So there I go, face down over some pillows, with my hand-held electric vibrator in place against my clit and my butt high in the air, while my Master used that whip on my ass. Slowly and lightly at first, while the orgasms built, He whipped me. I knew I would be whipped hard when the waves crashed and it scared me terribly and it added to my excitement. I rode that vibrator and He rode me with that whip. I moaned and groaned and whimpered and then crashed over the edge, screaming my pleasure and my fear and my joy. The whip rose and fell over and over and over again until I collapsed in exhaustion unable to even twitch anymore.

  1. swan commented on June 16th, 2005:

    “This plan” has stood us in good stead on any number of occasions when I’ve struggled to “get there.” We surely don’t go this route all the time — He generally doesn’t like the blissed out submissive He ends up with as a result of this way of doing things, but every now and then He’ll indulge me, and oh my…

    Thanks for the link… I’ll get busy and return the favor.


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