Edifying Pornography, With Whippings

In an earlier age, pornography had to be wrapped up for sale in a cloak of moral rectitude. Such was The Newgate Calendar, an 18th century compendium of villains, their misdeeds, and their inevitable horrible fates at the hands of justice. Of interest to this audience are such portraits as “Elizabeth Brownrigg Flogging Her Apprentice“:

apprentice girl flogging

Nor should you miss “A Whipping In The Pressyard At Newgate Prison“, “Louisa Calderon Undergoing the Torture“, or “Mills and His Companions Whipping Hawkins to Death” (don’t worry, it looks like they are just getting started).

  1. Nadz commented on June 5th, 2005:

    ouch! Cool pics, but severe!! Although I guess it’s a bit hard to draw “moderate” when you’re working with black and white :)

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before and after brutal caning photo
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