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New toys are fun. A couple of weeks ago Patty posted a link to Leather Thorn Paddles along with a note that the craftsmanship was very good for the price. I took a look, and the work looked good, so I ordered a paddle for Bethie and a strap for my amusement. (I’ve been wanting a big mean-looking leather strap.)

The prices weren’t cheap in the abstract — perhaps a few bucks more than generic paddles or straps ordered from a major online retailer — but I was blown away by the quality. These things are thick slabs of leather, attractively tooled and comfortable in the hand. Bethie has posted pictures on her blog and on her new spanking forum, so I won’t belabor the point. Suffice it to say that I’ve never been happier with an online toy order. (And no, I haven’t received a dime for these words of praise — Leather Thorn Paddles is not an advertiser, and I paid full price for the paddle and strap.)

The strap deserves a few more words. It’s got a handle that feels like a sword pommel when you grasp it, and it’s got the weight and size of a medium-sized wooden fraternity paddle. But, being leather, it’s got just enough flexibility to wrap in and *smack* all the way across Bethie’s bottom, rather than delivering all its energy across just a few inches the way an inflexible narrow paddle does. Swung with any vigor at all, it leaves a broad red mark and a persistant “warm spot” I can feel with my hand hours later. So far I’ve only given Bethie a few playful strokes with it. That, however, will not forever be the case….

  1. patty commented on May 2nd, 2005:

    :) “That, however, will not forever be the case…” oh oh… :) poor… um … lucky Bethie

    Glad you were pleased, but I really knew you would be. Our paddle is more than 2 years old the leather has held up beautifully. It does get a bit more supple, but the weight lets it keep it’s thud. You can expect the sting to intensify over time & use, while the thud remains constant. So, if you’re a spankee like me who revels in a long ultra stingy, deeply massaging spanking guaranteed to make you come… John’s paddles are well worth the price.

    Just behave OK Bethie, cause, that sting factor makes for some very squirmy experiences… :) I think I just may get Fred a strap for our 27th anniversary… (hehehe talk about a gift that gives huh?)

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