Impractical Spanking Positions

These caning pictures from Girls Boarding School (found at Spank Slaves) feature one of those impractical spanking positions against which The Boss loves to fulminate. Unless the young lady has an iron control beyond her apparent years, she’s going to kick or twitch — and fall over in a pile of flailing limbs and upset furniture:

forced to kneel on a chair for her caning

However, between upsets, it does make her bottom wondrously available to the cane:

caned very hard while kneeling on a chair

The effect is clear. She’s sleeping on her stomach tonight!

very sore caned bottom

  1. ez commented on April 23rd, 2005:

    Caption for the top photo:

    “I know that contact lens is here somewhere…”

  2. TheBoss commented on April 23rd, 2005:

    Yep, this is a good (bad) one!

  3. Bigbottomlover commented on April 25th, 2005:

    very nice, a good angle to work the lower part of the bottom.

  4. calliope commented on May 6th, 2005:

    For a good stool to get the same basic position but without the fear of tipping over (and it is way easier on the hands) try one of those ergonomic computer chairs that were popular in the 80’s. If you kneel on the knee pad but face backwards and bend your tummy over the seat, everything else is lifted into the perfect postion and you don’t fall off. :o)

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