Sorority Spankings

Since ErosBlog seems to have fratboy spankings on the brain, it only seems right that I’d post some cute sorority girls spanking each other. Unfortunately, I’m not well stocked with pictures of that sort. However, this gallery of cute girls from Lightspeed Sorority has a lot of promise:

sorority girls lined up for spankings

Honesty compels me to admit, however, that I’ve never seen an actual spanking photograph from that particular source. (Update: Now I have!) Not that you clever people can’t use your *gasp* imaginations, when the fuel’s this rich:

two sorority girls ready to spank a third

sorority girls kissing and getting ready to spank

Yum yum.

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  1. Spankee commented on March 28th, 2005:

    Ok this has nothing to do with this post, but I HAD to tell you this! I got a new hairbrush from Walmart and on the package it calls this hairbrush……

    “A nice Paddle Brush”

    Now, when I look at this thing it is a bit scary. Huge, hard back, and a nice handle for a strong hand to hang onto.

    It was made by spanking errr….Simply basic.

  2. don commented on March 30th, 2005:

    The ones with blue panties and pink panties could be twins.

  3. MightyBoyRunningWild commented on March 30th, 2005:

    Two parts to this comment: No I: Way ahead of ya on the Wal-Mart “paddle brush”,spankee. My wife brought one home last week with the exclamation: “Look, they actually call this a ‘paddle brush!'”. I have the very object beside me; it is gray with a black handle. No one here has brushed any hair with it yet, but it has had extensive use. Part II: I really like those pitchahs, and what the heck is “imagination” thing?

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