Not Bored With Her “Spanking”

If you’ve ever surfed the net for spanking pictures, you’ll be familiar with the genre of faux spanking porn. You know what I mean: there’s a cute (or not-so-cute) girl over some guy’s lap, his hand is poised in the air or resting gently on her bottom, and her face wears a bored expression that says “Is this photo shoot ever going to be over?” Typically, too, her bottom shows no sign of ever having been smacked. These photo sets just scream “I couldn’t find a model who would actually agree to be spanked, but the magazine said they needed some spanking content, so maybe this will do.”

Fortunately, these days standards are improving. For instance, you won’t catch the model in a Brutal Spankings video looking looking bored:

girl can feel her spanking

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