Hot Spanked Buns

Mick and Dee from emailed me a few months ago about their completely free site that has a ton of excellent bondage photography. Here’s a gallery of Dee with a very-well-spanked ass. Mick explains:

Dee was complaining last week that I hadn’t been “attentive” enough as a dominant. Worse, the last couple of photo sessions we’d done outdoors had not resulted in any mind-blowing orgasms for her.

Mind you she doesn’t ever say things like that…she just pouts slightly. A good dom needs to know his sub, and when in doubt assume that your sub needs a good session.

So this day I woke her up by strapping in her ball gag (that always reduces the complaints), and then I tied her hands behind her back. I ran a rope to the headboard to keep her from sitting up, and frog-tied her legs. Lastly I ran a rope in front of her waist to each post at the foot of the bed to keep her from scooting forward.

Now I had unobstructed access to her beautiful rear end, and I retrieved several favorite toys…the Hitachi “Magic Wand” vibrator, a fur-covered paddle, a Delrin cane, a Rimba hand-shaped paddle, and “Emperor”…her largest vibrating purple dildo.

I used pink nylon cord to tie the vibrator between her legs. Now she could concentrate on her clit while I reddened her ass.

One way you can tell that this is a real session and not a “photo” session is the towels under her crotch. Dee is a squirter, and we have to sleep in this bed, so I have to put a towel down before any extended orgasm sessions.


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Detention House 2: Collective Punishment Extreme

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