Spanking Tips From Exotic India

It’s always fun to come across spanking information from other cultures, especially ones that don’t have our usual American hangups (even if they may have some radically different ones). From India, land of the Kama Sutra, comes these tips (published in the Women section of the India Times) on spanking:

Every guy has a strong
desire to spank his woman during sex.

While it is the most natural thing for a man to do, he needs
to find out whether his woman shares the idea behind this kinky fetish.

If your woman is the sort who is aggressive during sex, or
likes you to be aggressive then go for buttock with a firm spank. She is
definitely game for dominant sex.

If you hear her moan and not scream with pain, make it
slightly harder the next time. But a big no-no is asking her whether it hurt or
whether you can do it harder. You’ve just got to judge by her reaction. And
once you figure out your woman, you can have a spanking good time!

That’s just an except, I’ve left out some of the basic spanking information that was included in the article.

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