“Slave Blog, My Ass!”

The subconscious mind works in strange and wondrous ways.

Weeks ago when I linked to Dan and Amber, I sort of casually noticed that my old name for that part of my blogroll was getting a little out of date. “BDSM and Slave Blogs” was an accurate catch-all for the few blogs I used to link in that section, but as the section grew, the phrase became more and more stretched. At the time, I toyed with new labels, but nothing came to mind so I said “screw it” and got on with life.

Until this morning, when I awoke from a dream about which I remember nothing except a voice (which I “knew” was Amber, even though I’ve never so much as exchanged an email with her) saying:

“Slave blog, my ass!”

Fair point. It’s fixed now.

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Detention House 3: Severely Punished Delinquent Girls

before and after brutal caning photo
"...and then the spanking starts. Brutal, totally uncompromising. You have never heard screams and shrieks as terrible as these..."