How To Ask For A Spanking

If you’ve been around the spanko community any time at all, you’ll know there are a lot of girls who want a spanking but don’t know how to ask for one. Well, here’s one good way:

It took some time to get up the nerve, but I finally asked my husband to spank me. He is always willing to try new stuff so he tried it. At first it was okay, but not what I imagined. I think he was more afraid of hurting me than anything else. I assured him I would let him know if I was being hurt.

Over time the spanking kept showing up, but never like I had imagined it. That is, until the past few months. He now realizes that I really do enjoy to be spanked hard, and that if he gives me this pleasure, then he is in for a treat.

A few nights ago he wanted oral sex. I was okay with this but I wanted a spanking. I would suck for a few seconds then stop. Finally he asked what I wanted, and I told him a spanking. He did spank me! In return he said he got the most excellent blow job he had ever had! I am not one to swallow and had only done it once before but he got me so excited with the spanking that I just could not stop! Since that night he has spanked me several more times and I believe he has enjoyed it as well…if you get my meaning!

We men are reasonably simple creatures.

  1. Irona commented on March 10th, 2005:

    Yes! Method tried and tested… men ARE quite simple creatures, after all (and this has probably just earned me a good thrashing, LOL).

  2. Jens commented on May 3rd, 2010:

    I asked for my first spanking when we were in bed on vacation in a major American city. It felt like the right time – everyone is usually agreeable to trying new things on vacation – and if my request wasn’t well-received, then we would just “leave this idea” away on vacation and go back to our regular lives. It turned out that he liked the idea, at least for erotic purposes. Later, I would try to position myself crawling over his legs in bed and present my ass so that he would get the hint. It always worked! Yum!!

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