Over The River & Through The Woods

A hunting fantasy from IsisOasis:

I run away, but it is in vain, i am severely handicapped by being barefoot and bound, He knows i wont get far. He is teasing me. He wants it to last. My feet and legs get scratched by brambles and stones in my way, my feet become cold and numb, knees muddy. Each time i fall over, He waits for me to get up and stumble on. He is the predator with strength and arrogance to show no mercy.I am the prey of his desire, defenceless and vulnerable. In the end – exhausted – I want to be caught.

Then i am there on my knees and He has hold of my hair, pulling my head back, looking down into my face with superiority and lust. He drags me to a pile of damp leaves – his only concession to my welfare – and still up on my knees, makes me bend over with my forehead on the ground. Commands me not to move – i cannot see what He is doing.

He is getting something out of His belt and i make out that it is a horsewhip. I know that my buttocks and thighs shall be punished for running away. I shall be disciplined to make me obey and to give Him pleasure in watching me writhe in pain with each lash of the whip

Mmmm, now where did I park my horse?

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A "Punished Delinquents In Tears" Movie:

Detention House 3: Spanked Inmates Made Very Sorry

blubbering blonde with a beaten ass
"...a heavy round wooden paddle with a hole in the middle that leaves fearsome red bruises. And then the shaking girls with beaten butts and tearful faces receive another terrible punishment..."