Trantric Spanking

An alert reader sent along the link to this page on Tantra Spanking:

Tantra spanking involves the rhythmic application of assertive slaps or strokes to the bare buttocks in a physical meditative mantra. The buttocks constitute one root of physical being and, not coincidentally, are best suited to Transference and Transformation mantras – the ability to receive, absorb and transform.

Spanking involves the repeated transmission of pain, sting and redness to the buttocks. Strive to overcome limitations of self-reserve by spanking with deliberate firmness. Simply put, the spanker should adopt the mindset of striving to “take it out on” the spankee’s buttocks. Conversely, the spankee willingly embraces the transformed energy by the Pain-Pleasure Response.

Needless to say, it’s possible someone’s tongue was firmly in cheek when they put this together.

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