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There’s an interesting article over at Taken In Hand called “How to Break it to A New Man“. It’s full of tips for ladies who need to encourage the men in their lives to spank them. (The official editorial policy of Spanking Blog is to marvel at the existence of such men. However, as Galileo famously is to have said: “and still it moves.”)

Some of the tips:

Next time you do something that annoys your man, do this, as soon as possible while he is still angry:

Have a brush ready and say to him: “I am sorry. You have every right to be angry. If you want to spank me for it, I’ll understand and accept it. I am serious about that.” That will open up the conversation. If he agrees, sometime, ask him if he wants a brush.

If he himself behaves badly or does something annoying, say: “If I did something like that, you would have every reason to spank me; and I would let you, too.”

Similarly, if a woman you know does something bad, or if you see someone being disrespectful to her man in a public place, or if you read about something of that sort, or if you see something like that on TV (not difficult!), say: “She should be spanked. Seriously, he should take a brush and spank her till she cries.”

However, my favorite paragraph in the whole article is this one:

As one guy said: don’t think you are so perfect that he doesn’t have a reason to discipline you. He does, and you’ll find out what it is. A spanking is a great mind opener.

That’s so true! There’s not a guy in the world who doesn’t have some pet peeve or unresolved annoyance with his lady, however much he loves her. A spanking relationship has the unique virtue of letting men communicate (oh so effectively!) with their ladies in a way that vanilla guys tend not to have the freedom to do. If you’ve ever been in one of those toxic relationships where the least expression of unhappiness or dissatisfaction was cause for an extended round of dramatic sulking, you’ll know why the old “wooden spoon heart-to-heart” sounds healthy and attractive.

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