Spanking Going Mainstream

I’ve noted, now and then, that spanking could become a commonly accepted practice if people would loosen up a little and look at our little hobby with an unjaundiced eye. As kinks go, it’s so widely spread that it almost is mainstream but ‘officially’ it can’t be accepted. Such is the case with Ewan McGregor’s new movie, Young Adam. In it, gasp!, Ewan has a scene where he spanks Emily Mortimer and then has sex with her. Apparently the censor board in the UK doesn’t much care for this sort of thing (they confuse consensual and nonconsensual spanking and call both ‘violent’.)

I don’t know if this movie is worth a darn, but I’ll keep my eyes open for it!

  1. spankoz commented on May 14th, 2005:

    We have been researching ” Young Adam ” , well mostly Emily Mortimer , and will soon have a page linked to : . This will include a picture of a nude Emily having her bottom warmed !

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