Brian Tarsis Has A Home Page

And who the hell is Brian Tarsis, you may ask? I know of him as an excellent bondage illustrator going way way back, but it turns out he also does spanking illustrations. His classic stuff is very very nice indeed, and his newer art, although much less detailed, is also quite hot, and more likely to be in color. He’s got a gallery here and a bio here, which sort of doubles as a thumbnail history of some of the major bondage publishers of the last twenty years. Worth a visit.

  1. Cynthia commented on July 25th, 2006:

    His work is incredibly sensual and erotic. I am especially fond of his early drawings; the attention to detail is amazing; he truly captures the feelings I have when I have surrendered to the ropes.

    Check out his early drawings in the memorial gallery link which is at the bottom of his gallery page listed above.


  2. walter commented on October 26th, 2008:

    His drawings are masterpieces. And rightly so.

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