A Well-Switched Slave Girl

The plan here is to mix blogging about spanking (to the extent I get inspired, or find topical material to link to) with links to spanking stories and quality spanking sites. If you know of good spanking stories on the web, by all means please email me the links. To get you warmed up, here’s an excerpt from John Norman’s Captives of Gor. I think I found this in the left bar at Spank Slaves, but it’s not there any more except as a shorter excerpt on one of the archives pages:

“You will go to her,” I told the slave. “You will then ask her to give you ten switches. You will then ask for your duties of the day.”

Ilene looked at me, protest in her eyes. Then, fear and tears came into her eyes and she sprang up.

She ran to the girl.

“I asked for you to be sold in Port Kar,” she said.

“Aren’t you a pretty little slave with the master,” said the red-haired girl.

Ilene trembled.

“And what did he say?” she asked.

“I am to ask for ten switches, and then for my duties for the day.” said Ilene.

“I see,” said the red-haired girl.

Ilene stood before her.

“Remove your garment, pretty slave,” said the red-haired girl.

Ilene did so.

“Go to that tree,” said the red-haired girl, indicating a slender-trunked tree at the edge of the camp clearing. Ilene went to it. “Hold to that branch, pretty slave,” said the red-haired girl, indicating a branch over Ilene’s head. Tears in her eyes Ilene grasped it.

There was the swift hiss of the switch and then the slap of its strike.

Ilene screamed with pain and fell, releasing the branch. She clutched the base of the tree’s trunk. She looked over her shoulder at the red-haired girl. “Please,” she wept.

“Hold the branch, pretty little slave,” said the red-haired girl, not much pleased with her.

Ilene regarded her with horror.

I strode to the tree and, with two short lengths of binding fiber, tied Ilene’s wrists to the branch.

She was weeping in pain.

“Let me beat her,” said the blond girl, one of the panther girls, in her ankle ring.

The red-haired girl went swiftly to the girl who had spoken and struck her twice. The blond girl, tears in her eyes, shrank back in the coffle, shoulder stinging, and hid herself among the other girls.

The red-haired girl then strode to Ilene.

The Earth girl must now endure nine strokes. The red-haired girl was excellent with the switch. She knew well how to beat a slave.

Ilene would not soon forget her beating.

It took more than two Ehn to deliver the next five strokes. Ilene did not know when, or where on her body, they would fall. She would stand there, her wrists bound over her head, apart, on the branch, waiting. Then suddenly there would be the hiss, and, somewhere on her body, the swift, lashing fall of the switch.

The red-haired girl had handled the psychological dimension of the beating beautifully.

Even when she was not being struck Ilene would sometimes cry out. “No! Don’t hit me!” Sometimes, waiting, unstruck, she would cry out as though she had been struck. She jerked, trying to free her wrists. She twisted helplessly, but could not free herself. Then, shaking her head, weeping, she began to writhe and beg incoherently for mercy. She, of course, as a slave girl, would receive none.

Be silent, Slave,” said the red-haired girl.

“Yes, Mistress,” wept Ilene.

“Suppose,” said the red-haired girl to the slave, “it was not a switch, but the five-strap Gorean slave whip?”

Ilene closed her eyes.

“Suppose,” said the red-haired girl, “it was not I who disciplined you, but, with such a whip, a male.”

“Yes, Mistress,” wept Ilene, her head down.

“Rejoice,” said the red-haired girl, “that you are only switched, and by a woman.”

“Yes, Mistress,” whispered Ilene, her face stained with tears. The red-haired girl had thrown Ilene’s long dark hair forward, that it not provide any shielding from the switch.

There were now six stripes on her body, from her ankles to the back of her neck. They were slender and red. Each was well placed. Spreading from each stripe there was a redness of pain. She clenched her fists in her bonds. Now her entire back burned scarlet.

The panther girls, in their chains, laughed. They enjoyed seeing the pretty Earth-girl slave beaten.

I nodded to the red-haired girl. Swiftly, across the back, in rapid succession, she delivered Ilene’s last four stinging stripes.

I then unfastened her wrists from the branch.

She was bent over with pain. I picked up the bit of yellow silk and threw it to her. She caught it, and held it before her body.

“It is you,” I told her,” “who will be sold in Port Kar.”

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