Pandora Blake, Wonder Woman

Longtime friend to Spanking Blog and genuine wonder-woman Pandora Blake was seen to tweet this a few days ago:

“This week I got to spank someone as Wonderwoman. Diana disciplining her assistant after he let her down. I love my job! #spanking”

Pandora also shared a photo of herself in her Wonder Woman cosplay outfit:

pandora blake as wonder woman

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Pandora Blake Punished By Her Boss

This casino owner takes a very direct approach to employee discipline. When a croupier’s mistakes start costing him money, he is inclined to remonstrate with her in a very direct and corporal way:

pandora blake bent over and spanked by her boss

pandora checking out her red spanked bottom

From Dreams of Spanking, of course.

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Support Pandora Blake’s Activism

Pandora Blake is a long-time friend of Spanking Blog, an innovative spanking pornographer, and a tireless activist for sexual freedom. She’s seeking support for her activism work, and if you can, you should support her Patreon:

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Ten Amorette Caned By Pandora Blake

At Northern Spanking, Ten Amorette learns that Pandora Blake doesn’t swing a cane unless she swings it well and hard:

bottom caning with a short rattan cane

Pandora Blake canes Ten Amorette until she screams and cries

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Caning Pandora Blake

It’s almost universally the case that the imagery of spanking and caning porn comes with a narrative to “explain” the spanking; there’s usually misbehavior and punishment, or sometimes arbitrary abuse of authority, or sometimes interrogation. There are many storylines out there, but in virtually every case, the fantasy frame for the spanking porn puts even consenting spankees into a narrative framework where they “have it coming” or can’t avoid it. That’s fine and that’s fun and it matches the sort of roleplaying that spank-hungry spankees often engage in; a real-life spanko may ask for a spanking, but he or she is likely even then to explain “because I’ve been so very naughty” or some such obviously-ridiculous but still-fun excuse.

Serious spankos understand, though, that a lot of people just simply enjoy getting spanked, and fairly often that’s enough justification. No need for pretense, no need for roleplaying, just “Spank me please, it will be fun” or “bend over, you’ll be happier after.” It’s vanishingly rare, though, to see that degree of open sensual enthusiasm for spanking depicted in spanking porn, which is what makes this recent shoot at Dreams of Spanking such a refreshing novelty:

pandora asks for a caning and it makes her giggle

Pandora, we are told, “has a new cane she wants to try, and Paul is more than happy to give her a taste of it. Pandora willingly bends over and lifts her bottom for a hard, consensual beating that makes her giggle with pleasure.” That’s it for narrative framework, and it’s enough:

pandora blake enjoys her sensual caning

I personally love the slightly grumpy cat lounging on the bed throughout, ass to the action and face to the camera. Pandora explains in the member-area comments “My cat is an old hand when it comes to spanking… she doesn’t pay any attention any more.” However I’m not sure that’s what I’m seeing. I’ve known several cats whose display of mild displeasure or disapproval manifested itself in what I call “ass kitty” behavior or “giving you the ass” — they’ll park themselves a few feet away with their butt pointing squarely at the offending person or behavior. I think Pandora’s cat is giving this caning the full “ass kitty” treatment, but she’s not so bothered that she’d give up a comfy spot on the bed in order to demonstrate a true feline “depriving you of the pleasure of my company” haughty exit from the room.

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Bedtime Spanking For Pandora Blake

I have been remiss ere now in not showing you any of the excellent spanking pictures coming out of Pandora Blake’s relatively new egalitarian fairtrade ethical spanking porn studio, Dreams Of Spanking. Here’s a nice little sample of a bedtime spanking for Pandora:

Pandora Blake gets a much-needed bedtime spanking

pandora\'s spanked bottom

There are more free pics and a video sample from this scene here.

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Strapping Pandora Blake

Pandora writes about a recent date night that included a whole lot of strokes with a big leather strap:

I have this recurring fantasy of being strapped hard, you see, rhythmically and indefinitely; one stroke every 3 or 4 seconds, no end in sight.

And that’s just what he did.

It was amazing. It was so intense. I groaned a little at first, and then I think I just went quiet and fell through the bed, through the floor, through the universe. The strokes slammed into my bottom and rocked the bed. After each one it felt like my bottom swelled up a bit more. I had this image in my head that my bottom was absorbing the power of the stroke, feeding on it and becoming bigger and bigger as it grew more sore and tender.

I remember Tom’s warm, big hand rested on the small of my back, holding me safe. I remember glimpsing him drawing his arm back out of the corner of my eye, sensing the whoosh and power as he brought the strap down. The rhythm was like a slow drumbeat, predictable and sure. It allowed me to learn the pain, relax into it, become one with it. I’m not sure I was even experiencing it as pain, just a deep beautiful pounding sensation, like drumming or dancing or fucking.

I don’t know how long it lasted. Maybe four or five minutes in total, but it felt like an hour. Eighty strokes, a hundred, probably. I don’t remember him stopping, but I do remember kneeling up afterwards, slowly, in a daze. Cheeks flushed and hot, hair in my face and head swimming, sinking gently back into my body, returning to reality.

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Blake Has News

There’s large and exciting news from the spanking model, spanking provider, spanking porn producer, activist, and long-time Spanking-Blog-friend that we have known for many years as Pandora Blake. Today they announced their coming out as non-binary and genderqueer:

So where does that leave me? An androgynous twink in a womanly body; a femme boi who finds butch boring; a queer peacock struggling with self-expression. An outgoing introvert who has limited spoons for emotional labour, but loves social contact, intimacy and connection. A trans feminist who wants to disrupt the oppressive gender categories so all of us can be more free.

I’m genderqueer. I don’t fit into the male/female binary.


They are now, at least some of the time, going by Blake:

This isn’t a total break from the past. I’m not stopping being Pandora. But I am introducing a new way of interacting with me: Blake.

I am Pandora. I am also Blake. I am Pandora / Blake.

I’m looking forward to being Blake more often. When I’m performing in queer porn, shooting videos for myself or with friends, when I’m speaking at events or running workshops, I’m eager to show you my authentic self. I answer to both names, and I’d invite you to use whichever seems to fit how I’m presenting.

It’s the kind of news that’s startling at first, but upon a few moments’ reflection, makes perfect sense in light of the diversity of their recent work. I’m sure it must be terrifying, but what an adventure!

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